metaiblock AI-DRIVEN Jamaica data protection act (JDPA) compliance Workshop



Hands-on, interactive AI-Driven JDPA Compliance Workshop
No previous experience required!

In-Person and Virtual

JULY 21 AND 23

Two 4-Hour Sessions

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🩺 Empower Your Healthcare Compliance with AI: For Healthcare Administrators, Compliance Officers, IT Professionals, and Medical Staff. Discover and apply practical AI skills that you can start using immediately to enhance data protection and achieve JDPA compliance.

$US 399 / person

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JDPA Compliance Workshop Schedule

Day 1: Foundations of AI and JDPA Compliance
July 14 1PM - 6PM

AI Introduction and Basics

  • Learn about the fundamentals of AI and its applications in healthcare.

  • Understand the basic principles and benefits of AI for compliance.

JDPA Overview

  • Detailed explanation of the Jamaica Data Protection Act.

  • Key requirements and implications for healthcare organizations.

Compliance Framework

  • Step-by-step guide to creating a compliance framework.

  • Importance of compliance in healthcare.

Tool Setup

  • Setting up AI tools and platforms for compliance tasks.

  • Hands-on demonstration of essential tools.

SOP Development Workshop

  • Hands-on development of SOPs with samples and templates.

  • Focus on creating effective SOPs for compliance.

Policies Workshop

  • Creating essential policies for data protection.

  • Practical examples and templates.

Patient Education Workshop

  • Developing privacy notices and patient education materials.

  • Interactive session with hands-on practice.

$US 399 / person

Day 2: Practical AI Solutions for Healthcare Compliance
July 16 6:30PM - 8:30PM

Practical, hands-on skills to achieve compliance with the JDPA using the latest AI tools and techniques
This workshop is ideal for anyone involved in managing patient data within healthcare organizations

Staff Education Workshop

  • Training staff on JDPA and organizational policies.

  • Tips for avoiding accidental disclosures.

Vendor and Employee Contracts

  • Creating clauses for data protection in contracts.

  • Practical exercises on drafting contracts

Information Asset Managment

  • Completing RoPA and information asset register.

  • Hands-on practice with provided templates.

Automation and AI Assistant Workshop

  • Creating AI assistants for compliance tasks.

  • Automating compliance processes with AI tools.

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Join our AI-Driven JDPA Compliance Workshop and gain valuable insights from healthcare and AI experts. Discover the practical application of AI in achieving compliance with the Jamaica Data Protection Act. Learn skills you can apply immediately to enhance data protection in your healthcare organization, from initial setup to ongoing compliance management.

Charles Smart

CEO/Co-Founder MetAiBlock
Data and AI Strategist

Charles Smart stands at the confluence of data and AI, steering Fortune 100 giants like Macy’s, Shipt, Maersk, and CVS through the intricacies of AI and data governance. His vision and leadership have made him a notable figure in crafting data and AI governance frameworks that comply with regulations while driving innovation.

With over two decades of experience, Charles has evolved with the data landscape, recognizing early the transformative potential of AI. His insights have graced the stage of prestigious gatherings, notably the AI4 conference in Las Vegas, where his expertise illuminates the path for AI and data governance.

Beyond the boardroom, Charles channels his expertise into practical workshops across the U.S., demystifying emergent technologies like the Metaverse, AI and Blockchain for the franchise sector. His knack for practical application transforms shiny new technologies into real-world solutions, enhancing value across various industries.

Charles’s journey transcends technical prowess, embodying a holistic blend of artistry and innovation. His dual identity as an artist enriches his approach, infusing creative solutions with a deep understanding of technology’s evolving narrative.

His work anticipates change and architects it, making him a sought-after mind in shaping the dialogue around technology’s future. As you join our JDPA Compliance Workshop with AI, prepare to dive into a world where Charles Smart's visionary leadership meets the hands-on application of AI.

Andre Kay

Co-Founder MetAiBlock
Founder Sociallybuzz

Andre Kay is a renowned entrepreneur and innovator, celebrated for founding Sociallybuzz, the world's first social media agency in 2008. Under his visionary leadership, the company earned a spot among Entrepreneur Magazine's top entrepreneurial firms. His accolades highlight his influence as a business leader and philanthropist, with successful campaigns for brands like Domino's and Jamba Juice under his belt.

After co-founding MetAiBlock, Andre launched Best Date Ever, an AI-powered platform aimed at enhancing romantic relationships. This move underscores his knack for leveraging AI to revolutionize both personal and social experiences. Andre's expertise extends to the Metaverse and Blockchain, predicting and shaping their impact on the digital world.

Andre's commitment to using AI for societal improvement is evident in his mentorship, public speaking, and collaborations, where he empowers others to explore AI's potential. His work not only cements his status as a digital transformation leader but also inspires future generations to use technology for positive change, showcasing the transformative power of AI when combined with visionary leadership.

Join our JDPA Compliance Workshop with AI with healthcare leaders, AI practitioners and visionaries for hands on insights into the practical application of AI for compliance.

$US 399 / person

CEO Bewaji Healthcare Solutions
Healthcare Data Compliance SME

With a robust background in healthcare management and a specialization in AI from Stanford University, Dr. Bewaji exemplifies the intersection of clinical expertise and technological innovation. His achievements in enhancing healthcare operations and patient satisfaction demonstrate his commitment to advancing healthcare quality and efficiency.

Dr. Bewaji is also an expert in data protection, particularly knowledgeable about the Jamaica Data Protection Act. His comprehensive understanding of data privacy and security laws ensures that healthcare data management practices not only meet regulatory standards but also protect patient information effectively. By integrating AI solutions with rigorous compliance protocols, Dr. Bewaji helps healthcare organizations innovate while maintaining the highest standards of data protection.

Join our JDPA Compliance Workshop with AI with healthcare leaders, AI practitioners and visionaries for hands on insights into the practical application of AI for compliance.

Dr. Temitayo Bewaji

Samantha Moore

Ramsay & Partners

Samantha Moore was called to the Jamaican Bar in December 2012. She spent eight years at one of the Caribbean's largest law firms, handling complex commercial and real estate transactions for both local and international clients. In December 2020, Samantha joined Ramsay & Partners as a partner.

Her core practice areas include Data Protection, Cybersecurity, Electronic Transactions, Banking, Real Estate, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Intellectual Property. Samantha holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and International Relations and a Bachelor of Laws, both with honors from the University of the West Indies, as well as a Legal Education Certificate of Merit from the Norman Manley Law School, where she received several prestigious academic awards.

A Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E), Samantha has advised some of the world's largest tech companies on data protection and cybersecurity matters. She is well-equipped to handle the legal needs of businesses navigating complex data protection laws. Additionally, Samantha chairs the Staff Welfare and Engagement Committee at Ramsay & Partners, reflecting her dedication to both legal excellence and team development.

"The Jamaica Data Protection Act is the new lens for responsible data practices. This AI-Driven workshop equips you to see the future of data compliance, ensuring your organization stays ahead of the curve."

Have questions?

Q: What equipment do I need to participate in the AI Workshop?

A: You need a computer / tablet with a reliable internet connection, Chrome Browser, Gmail Email Account, ChatGPT Plus Subscription and Canva. We do not recommend using a cell phone. This is HANDS-ON.

Q: How can I access the recordings of the sessions?

A:Once you pay, you will be taking into our training portal where you will be guided through each module. All the instructions, manuals and examples are all centralized in our portal which is easy to follow and does not require any technical skills to navigate.

Q: What can I expect to gain from this AI Workshop?

A: By the end of this AI Workshop, you will have a comprehensive understanding of AI and its applications in healthcare compliance. You will gain hands-on experience with various AI tools and learn how to leverage them to ensure compliance with the Jamaica Data Protection Act. This includes practical skills for managing patient data, developing compliance frameworks, and automating processes to enhance data protection and efficiency in your healthcare organization.

Q: Do I need to have any prior knowledge or experience in AI to attend this AI Workshop?

A: No, our Workshop is designed to accommodate participants with various levels of experience, from beginners with no prior knowledge of AI or data compliance to seasoned professionals seeking to sharpen their skills.

Q: What is the AI workshop's schedule?

A: The workshop will take approximately 7.5 hours to complete in total, spread over two days.

Q: What are the payment options for the AI Workshop?

A: You can pay for the workshop through our secure online payment portal. We accept Paypal and all major credit and debit cards.

Q: What do I need to prepare for the AI Workshop?

A: All you need is a willingness to learn, a computer / tablet with a reliable internet connection, Chrome Browser, Gmail Email Account, ChatGPT Plus Subscription. We don't recommend using a cell phone. All necessary resources and materials for the course are provided in the training portal.

Q: Is this Workshop online or in-person?

A: This is a hybrid workshop allowing you to participate in-person or from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are at your own pace. The workshop is broken down in small modules that build on itself as you gain new skills.

Q: How can AI help with JDPA compliance?

A: AI can streamline and automate many compliance processes, such as data protection, patient consent management, data subject access requests, and incident response. By leveraging AI, healthcare organizations can ensure more accurate and efficient compliance with the Jamaica Data Protection Act, reducing the risk of data breaches and enhancing patient trust.

Q: Who should attend this workshop?

A: This workshop is ideal for anyone involved in managing patient data within healthcare organizations, healthcare administrators, compliance officers and IT professionals. If you are responsible for ensuring data protection and compliance with the Jamaica Data Protection Act, this workshop is perfect for you.