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Unleashing AI's Potential:
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AI Virtual Workshop Schedule

Introduction to AI and Automation
Laying the Foundation

  • Learn AI fundamentals

  • Understand AI's role in business via real-world examples

  • Learn AI privacy considerations and best practices

  • Interactive Q&A to dispel AI myths

  • Introduction to key AI tools and account setup

Prompt Engineering
Mastering New AI Skills

  • Learn about Prompt Engineering, crucial for language models

  • Understand good vs. bad prompts and why they matter

  • Harness the full power of ChatGPT, Midjourney and other AI Tools

  • Practical workshop on writing compelling prompts

  • Understand AI's transformative role in marketing and sales

  • Practical examples of AI applications in these domains

  • Hands-on with advanced AI tools in real-life case studies

AI in Marketing and Sales
Practical Application for the Real World

AI for Operations and Productivity
Streamline and Save Time

  • Learn how AI streamlines operations and boosts productivity

  • Real-life examples of AI tools in action

  • Hands-on with advanced AI tools in real-world scenarios

AI Automation and ChatBots
Bringing it all together

  • Introduction to automation benefits and AI's role

  • Practical business applications of automation

  • Workshop: Build a custom ChatBot and automated workflow using AI tools

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AI Virtual WorKSHOP speakers

Discover the wealth of knowledge and experience our esteemed speaker brings to the AI Virtual Workshop, as they guide you through the transformative potential of AI and emerging technologies in today's business landscape.

Charles Smart

Co-Founder MetAiBlock
Data and AI Strategist

Charles Smart stands at the confluence of data and AI, steering Fortune 100 giants like Macy’s, Shipt, Maersk, and CVS through the intricacies of AI and data governance. His vision and leadership have made him a notable figure in crafting data governance frameworks that not only comply with regulations but also drive innovation.

With over two decades of experience, Charles has evolved with the data landscape, recognizing early the transformative potential of AI. His insights have graced the stage of prestigious gatherings, notably the AI4 conference in Las Vegas, where his expertise illuminates the path for AI and data governance.

Beyond the boardroom, Charles channels his expertise into practical workshops across the U.S., demystifying emergent technologies like the Metaverse and Blockchain for the franchise sector. His knack for practical application transforms shiny new technologies into real-world solutions, enhancing value across various industries.

Charles’s journey transcends technical prowess, embodying a holistic blend of artistry and innovation. His dual identity as an artist enriches his approach, infusing creative solutions with a deep understanding of technology’s evolving narrative.

His work not only anticipates change but also architects it, making him a sought-after mind in shaping the dialogue around technology’s future. As you join the AI Workshop, prepare to dive into a world where Charles Smart's visionary leadership meets the hands-on application of AI, crafting the next frontier in emerging tech and beyond

Andre Kay

Co-Founder MetAiBlock
Founder Sociallybuzz

Andre Kay is an acclaimed entrepreneur and innovator, best known as the founder of Sociallybuzz, the world's first social media agency launched in 2008.

His visionary leadership has seen the company listed among Entrepreneur Magazine's best entrepreneurial firms in America. Being recognized as one of South Florida's most influential business leaders further underscores his success. Alongside business, Andre is passionate about philanthropy, leveraging his triumph to make a global impact. His record includes effective campaigns with brands like Domino's and Jamba Juice, yielding millions in sales.

Always forward-thinking, Andre is currently delving into the emerging technologies of the Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain, anticipating their transformative potential in the digital landscape. His relentless pursuit of success is matched by his commitment to positive social change.

Join our AI Workshop to learn from Andre's extensive experience and gain insights into the practical application of AI and emerging technologies.

Register $349 / person

The future of AI is not in books or lectures, but in practical, hands-on applications. Dive in, and let the transformation begin.

Have questions?

Q: What equipment do I need to participate in the AI Workshop?

A: You need a computer / tablet with a reliable internet connection, Chrome Browser, Gmail Email Account, ChatGPT Plus Subscription and Midjourney subscription. We recommend using a headset for better audio quality. We do not recommend using a cell phone. This is HANDS-ON.

Q: How can I access the recordings of the sessions?

A: A link will be sent to the email address you register with. We recommend using your Gmail account.

Q: What can I expect to gain from this AI Workshop?

A: By the end of this AI Workshop, you will have a solid understanding of AI and its applications in various industries. You will gain hands-on experience with different AI tools and learn how to leverage them in business contexts, including marketing, sales, operations, and productivity.

Q: Do I need to have any prior knowledge or experience in AI to attend this AI Workshop?

A: No, our AI Workshop is designed to accommodate participants with various levels of experience, from beginners with no prior knowledge of AI to seasoned professionals seeking to sharpen their skills.

Q: What is the AI workshop's schedule?

A: The AI Workshop is On-Demand starting Sept. 5th. Watch and follow along at your own pace.

Q: What are the payment options for the AI Workshop?

A: You can pay for the workshop through our secure online payment portal. We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Q: Is this AI Workshop online or in-person?

A: This is a fully online AI Workshop, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are, at your pace.

Q: What do I need to prepare for the AI Workshop?

A: You need is a willingness to learn, a computer / tablet with a reliable internet connection, Chrome Browser, Gmail Email Account, ChatGPT Plus Subscription and Midjourney subscription. We don't recommend using a cell phone. We will provide all necessary resources and materials. However, you might find it useful to familiarize yourself with the AI tools that we will be using during the workshop.